Lawrenceburg Sees Near $80 Million in Business Investment and Expansion

Shannon Redden and George Leamon

Shannon Redden and George Leamon

Lawrenceburg is the envy of surrounding counties for large scale business investment and development.  George Leamon, executive director of the Lawrenceburg-Anderson County Economic Development Authority, along with Shannon Redden, who also serves on the EDA board, reported a tremendous year for our county compared to the surrounding counties, according to a report from the Kentucky’s Cabinet for Economic Development.  For 2015, Anderson County has seen the development or announcement of $79,311,971 worth of planned and current expansions of manufacturing plants and business investments.

Almost $80 million is a large number by itself, but when taken in context with the surrounding counties, it’s phenomenal.  Of the seven surrounding counties, according to the report, the closest county in dollar amount of large scale business investment and expansion would be Nelson County/Bardstown.  However, businesses there only invested just over $28.3 million.  Shelby and Woodford Counties were similar at around $26.5 million and $24.1 million, respectively.  And, Franklin County only had $7.6 million.  The remaining three counties, Spencer, Washington, and Mercer, saw no investment at all.

“This was a very good year for us,” George said about the report.  Although this volume of expansion and investment doesn’t happen every year, he said that the Lawrenceburg-Anderson County EDA has seen positive business expansions in past years.  He credited the work of the EDA board and city and county government working well together, along with the businesses seeing Anderson County as a favorable environment, for the large investments and expansions being made.

Multiple businesses have invested or have announced an expansion project for their manufacturing plants in 2015.  Expansions at Four Roses Distillery and Florida Tile led the way this year in the county, with $34.1 million and $25.2 million, respectively.  In regards to the distillery expansions in the county, George said, “Not only are those folks investing in the community, but they’re investing in the future of downtown Lawrenceburg because it’s bringing people in [through the bourbon tours]”.

And the amazing part is the $79.3 million written in the report mostly covers larger businesses.  It doesn’t include all the work and money that small businesses have invested up and down Main Street and beyond.  If those amounts were included, the number would be larger.

As a community, all this investment and expansions means more jobs and greater tax revenue for county and city governments.  In the report, 151 new jobs are planned for the larger businesses.  Although Nelson County did lead the way with a proposed 169 new jobs in 2015, the report again doesn’t include the job creation from small businesses being created through town.

This upcoming year, as well, looks bright for Anderson County.  George reported that there are more business investments and expansions on the horizon for 2016.  Small businesses are also continuing to grow and prosper to further build Anderson County into a thriving community.

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