Downtown Becoming a Destination for All

Heavens to Betsy Sign Being InstalledSweet Mash Sign Being InstalledAngel Yamraj from Bourbon Barrel BoutiqueParking Lot Being PavedBluegrass Sabor/Bourbon Barrel Boutique Building Being Painted

Like the mythical Phoenix, downtown Lawrenceburg has risen from the ashes.  Gone are buildings with no businesses, sidewalks without pedestrians, and more importantly, gone are reasons for not going to downtown Lawrenceburg.  Suddenly, downtown is a destination for both residents and tourists alike.

Today, you can go to several restaurants offering a variety of foods, including sandwiches, nutrition shakes and sit down lunches and dinners.  If you want a beer or something stronger, that is available as well.  There is shopping, whether your interest is in new clothes, bourbon or UK related gifts (or, U of L, if you insist), even an art boutique with paintings, and sculptures from many talented artists.

This remarkable change has seemingly occurred overnight.  After many years of little or no growth, we now have a downtown that should be a destination for local residents and tourists alike.  It is amazing to be downtown for dinner, which in itself is surprising, and see people walking on the sidewalks, window shopping and deciding which restaurant they will go to for dinner.  This also gives the 60,000 people that visit the distilleries each year places to spend their money which certainly helps our local economy.

Jackson Horton, along with his wife Betsy, own Heavens to Betsy.  They have seen the changes.  Jackson said, “There are people driving through downtown now, just to see the people on the sidewalks.”  He went on to say that the success of all the new businesses should inspire more businesses to get started.  This ties in well with Mayor Sandy Goodlett’s goal of seeing even more businesses opening up downtown.

Mayor Goodlett and Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton both noted the new parking lot has made a huge difference, as well as many of the building owners painting and otherwise sprucing up their properties.  Judge Executive Gritton called the changes exciting and that the revitalized Main Street is creating a buzz.  By the way, thanks to Mayor Goodlett and his staff for creating the new parking.

What do owners of new businesses think of the changes?   Sweet Mash manager Glenda Bogie said that Lawrenceburg is their home town, and they wanted to have a part in the revitalization.  Is it working?  Angel Yamraj, owner of Bourbon Barrel Boutique, also said she wants Lawrenceburg to thrive and is very happy with the support she has received from the community.  Both of them said that not only are Anderson County residents and tourists are shopping downtown, but also people from other parts of central Kentucky are traveling to Lawrenceburg.

These changes are not only on Main Street.  There are new restaurants on Glensboro Road and at Eagle Lake.  That means, Lawrenceburg is now a destination. People are coming to shop and go to the restaurants.  This is exciting for Lawrenceburg and Anderson County.  And, more changes are coming, including new stores and more cleanup of buildings.  There are also events being planned for downtown that will be announced in the near future.  Also, the new Tourism Commission is in the process of being formed and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on downtown.

So, if you have not been downtown lately, go and see why so many are excited by the new downtown Lawrenceburg.

-Written by Don West

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