Quilt Guild to Honor Veterans with Quilts

Linda MareanPeggianna MillerCarolyn KirchnerEvelyn Smith, President of the Anderson County Piecemakers Quilt GuildMiss Polly StamperLeft to right, Betty Jo Moss, Dawn Albers

On Friday, the Anderson County Piecemakers Quilt Guild met at the Anderson County Senior Center to make quilts for a special cause.  The guild started two years ago as a Civil War quilting group where the members became expert seamstresses and sewers.  They then started branching out working on different types of quilts.

But last year, a story touched the member’s hearts, and they knew that they could help.  They found out from the American Legion that there are veterans in Anderson County who were never honored with a Quilt of Valor.  These special quilts are hand made in honor of returning soldiers as way to comfort those touched by war.

So after finding out about this, they made one quilt back in June.  But then they learned about more veterans who were never honored this way.  They became determined to honor all veterans in Anderson County with a quilt.  Linda Marean, a guild member, said, “Somehow or another we will reach this goal of honoring all the veterans.”

The group decided to come together this January and start making more of these quilts for WWII and Korean veterans, with a goal of 14 by Valentine’s Day.  With the quilters organized and ready, they started sewing and will continue through this month.  “We felt like this was important as a community service project,” Linda said.

Once the quilts are done, special nameplates will be added to them marking the name and information for the veteran that will receive the quilt.  They will then be presented at a special program to the veterans.

Linda also added that the senior center has been extremely helpful with their project.  She said, “The senior center has just been so welcoming in having us.”  The center has been very gracious in letting the guild use their space to create the quilts.

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