The Great Burger Challenge of 2016

Bill Lane and Tim FarmerBill Lane Building the LawrenceBurger ChallengeFrom left: Chris Shawver, Tim Farmer, Patrick SmithEveryone Helping the Challengers

Burgers stacked high on the plates, cameras positioned around the challengers, and fans cheering them on, the great LawrenceBurger Challenge at Lane’s Diner at Eagle Lake took down three more challengers this afternoon.  Tim Farmer, from the KET show Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen, visited Lane’s Diner during this past year’s 127 yard sale.  After finding out about the LawrenceBurger Challenge when he interviewed Bill Lane, owner of Lane’s Diner, he vowed to come back to fight the mountainous burger.

Today was that day.  Tim, along with two others, Chris Shawver and Patrick Smith, sat down in front of the cameras that were filming Tim’s show.  The three were presented with three monstrous burgers held together with bamboo skewers, bowls of coleslaw, and baskets of fries, altogether weighing a massive 5.5 pounds of food for each challenger.  After bringing out the last burger, the group had 45 minutes to complete the meals.

With the challenge being unbeaten 43 to 0, the odds were against the men today.  But the crowds were strong, cheering them on as they ate layer after layer of burger patties, buns, lettuce and tomatoes.  About halfway into the challenge, however, the men were nearing their maximums.  Tim tried to pass on some food to his wife and production crew while distracting Bill Lane, but in the end he couldn’t finish.  The three threw in their towels and took the take out containers to bring the rest home.

The video below is a behinds the scene clip of the challenge as the film crew for Tim’s Country Kitchen filmed their new episode.  For more information and to keep an eye for when this episode will air on KET, check out their Facebook page.

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