Director at Humane Society Receives Award

Earlier this week, Donna Callahan, director at the Anderson Humane Society’s Adoption Center, received a special award.  Donna has been with the humane society from the beginning as one of the original founding members over 30 years ago.  She served as president of the society a number of times and volunteered as director of the adoption center that was built in 1985.  Later, after the new adoption center was built and the old building given to the county animal control, she became a full time employee of the society serving as the official adoption center director.

Donna has dedicated much of her life to the humane society.  “It has been a huge part of my life, over half of it! It has, of course, been a labor of love which my whole family has been part of over the years,” Donna said.  “I was cleaning dog kennels while I was pregnant with both my kids and had them in strollers while I cleaned after they were born.”

Over the years, she has helped many pets find new homes through driving thousands of miles to bring them to other adoption centers around the country.  Her countless hours of dedication to help Anderson County homeless pets haven’t gone unnoticed.

The Anderson Humane Society Board of Directors decided to award her with a Meritorious Lifetime Membership as a way to thank her for all her work.  “I am thrilled about the award,” Donna said. “I am always humbled by getting such accolades though as I know that it takes a multitude of good people to make these things happen.”

Photo courtesy of Anderson Humane Society.



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