Saffell Street Teachers Give Back by Helping Family with Their Home

From left: Jared Scott, Kelsie Doss, Erin Woods, Krista Sawyer, Sandra Barriger, Angela Brown, Amanda Gritton, Jeff EllerFrom left: Bryan Proctor, Jared Scott, Joel Maude, Todd WoolridgePatricia and Robert Rankin

Yesterday, a community got together to help a struggling family to start the process of fixing their home.  On Tuesday, the Rankin family reached out to their daughter’s teacher wondering if he knew of anyone to help with their house.  Joel Maude, Maggie Rankin’s teacher at Saffell Street Elementary, decided to see what he could do.

Since he and much of the staff at Saffell Street know Maggie’s mother, Patricia, from all the volunteer work she does at the school, Joel wanted to give back to the Rankins.  “She’s school family,” Joel said.  “She volunteers in my classroom, and she has not missed a day this year and the kids love her.”

After visiting the house on Tuesday night, Joel decided to talk with Saffell Street principal, Todd Woolridge, about the situation.  Todd and Joel then organized a crew of over nine teachers and help from the LIGHT Center, including director Bryan Proctor, to start the process of getting the house ready for contractors.

The group of teachers and the principal together helped clear out much of the house as a way for the school to give back.  Working until night fall, the principal, teachers, and help from the LIGHT Center have now made it possible to start repairs on the home.

But, the Rankin family still needs help.  Financially, the family is unable to repair the home.  The LIGHT Center has setup a donation fund online that accepts electronic check, electronic savings or credit card.  They will also be collecting checks at the center (all checks need to be designated for the Rankin House Fund). All donations are tax deductible as well.

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