Good Samaritan Returns Purse to Walmart After Finding It

Candise and her son

Candise Rose Marini, a local resident, was shopping at the Walmart this morning, preparing for her upcoming vacation for her son’s birthday.  After leaving the Walmart, she realized that she left her new Coach purse that was a gift from her grandmother, along with $300 for the trip and her ID cards that were inside it, hanging on her shopping cart outside in the cart return area.

Returning back to the Walmart, she frantically started searching the shopping carts.  Unable to find it, she lost hope of ever seeing it again, and not being able to go on the Disney Cruise that she had been saving for six months.  The cruise was going to be a surprise birthday party for her seven year old son and also would be the first family trip for her husband after being injured overseas while serving in the military.

On a slim chance, she decided to go inside and check with customer service to see if anyone found her purse.  Amazingly, the service representative said there was a purse that matched the description and was found by someone within the last 15 minutes who dropped it off at the customer service desk.

While confirming her name with the IDs in the purse, Candise said, “I told her and started to cry because what are the chances of two people losing their coach purse/wallet within the last 15 minutes. I knew then it was mine. I told her why I was crying: it was because I’ve been planning and saving for this Disney Cruise for 6 months and in order to be on the plane or ship I have to have my ID and passport. “

After receiving the purse back from the service rep, she checked to make sure everything was still inside.  Everything was still in place, with not a single item missing.

Rose would like to thank the person who found her purse.  She said, “So what you did in today’s world was heroic. We wouldn’t be going on vacation tomorrow if it wasn’t for you. I’m still crying because it’s a huge relief and you are an honest person. Thank you!”  She also said that she would like to bring back a gift from her vacation to the person who found her purse if they come forward.

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