Old Anderson Hotel Attracts More Than Ghosts

The old Anderson Hotel that sits above Heaven’s to Betsy on Main Street holds a number of mysteries.  The hotel, which was built sometime in the 1920s or 30s, has seen many tenants, deaths, and other occurrences that eventually lead to it being abandoned over 30 years ago after it was converted to apartments.  It became a surreal snapshot of history with old items strewn around, plaster falling from the walls and ceilings, and maybe a ghostly presence or more.

Jeff Waldridge of the Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk saw potential in the building last year.  Adding it to the walk, it became a hit attraction for residents and tourists curious of the old hotel and seeking to maybe see someone from the other side.  As the Ghost Walk wrapped up its tours for the year a few months ago, the old hotel attracted someone new.  A professional film crew decided to film a show at the hotel that will be aired on national television in the coming months (more details to be released soon).

Watch the video above showing a tour of the hotel, how it looks now, and to learn more about why some look for ghosts inside.

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  1. I live in Harrodsburg and have been lucky enough to have several friends and business owners that have given me reasons to visit Lawrenceburg quite a bit in the last 5 years. I have enjoyed visiting, eating out and shopping there. This blog about downtown has made me realize that there a lot more things to see and do. The articles show amazing historical information and new projects coming soon. Thank You for publishing this.

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