Merchants Form Group to Help Bring More Downtown

January 31, 2016

As Main Street became revitalized, a group of merchants created an informal group as a way to collectively work with each other and the city to help promote the center of town.  The group, called the Lawrenceburg Merchants Association, is for businesses to be “Working together to make a better downtown” according to Becky Hawkins, […]

Photo by Greg Walters

A Word on Faithfulness from Fox Creek Christian Church

January 31, 2016

Mark Wells, lead minister from Fox Creek Christian Church, sent in an amazingly moving article on faithfulness. Drawing from personal experience, he paints a wonderful story on what a world and community would be like if everyone was more faithful: I can remember many times sitting around listening to my grandparents talking to their friends […]

Art and Fun in Lawrenceburg

January 30, 2016

Located out on Bonds Mills Road next to Four Roses Distillery, Elements Clay Studio has been offering a host of fun art classes for people around the area.  Susan Burge, owner of the studio, held a beginner’s painting class last night to a large class of students of all ages.  The students got to recreate […]

Paul and Kathy Bransom

Clowning Around Lawrenceburg

January 29, 2016

A local resident has been making both young and old smile for over twenty years.  Paul Bransom, who is a long time Lawrenceburg resident along with his wife Kathy, decided to try something different after graduating college.  During his time at school, working full time and attending college part time, he kept seeing posters for […]

Senior Center

Monthly Message from Anderson County Senior Center: February 2016

January 29, 2016

We hope that you weathered the recent storm in great shape despite being confined to your homes over several days as we welcomed winter into friendly, growing, Lawrenceburg, Kentukcy.  While the snow is beautiful to watch, after a couple of days, it’s nice to see the tops of the grass in your yard, something besides […]


A Message from the Anderson Public Library

January 29, 2016

February is for Lovers and the Anderson Public Library encourages book lovers to stop by and check out a great romance novel. Cuddle up by the fire with Debbie Macomber, Diana Gabaldon, or Nicholas Sparks. These authors are favorites of local romance enthusiasts and definitely worth a read. Also, don’t forget that the Library offers […]