Local Church Helping Residents to Lose Weight

Amy Waddell and Leslie HardinZumba ClassZumba Class

Located on Hilltop Dr, a local church will be offering a unique program starting in January to help people lose weight and stay healthy and fit.  APEX Ministries at 115 Hilltop Dr will be hosting their very own “Biggest Loser” starting on January 5th which will be open to anyone who would like to participate.  Leslie Hardin, APEX’s Health and Wellness Director, said that she has always had a passion to help encourage people to be their best, both spiritually and physically.

According to Leslie, this will be their third time offering a weight loss competition, which will be based loosely on the popular TV show.  Each week, participants will weigh in at the church, exercise during challenges and a proposed 5k run, and also gain support from others on Facebook or through text messaging.  At the end of the competition in March, there will be cash prizes, which will be determined by the number who participate.  The Mix will also be offering gift cards to the winners.

In addition to this, APEX has also been offering, since August, a Zumba class which can be beneficial for participants in the weight loss competition.  Instructed by Amy Waddell, the classes meet multiple times a week and are open to people of all ages and physical condition.

For more information and entry prices for the “Biggest Loser” Competition or the Zumba classes at APEX, check out their Facebook page or website.

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