First Christian Church Remakes Pew Cushions for Homeless Pets

Repurposing for charity was the goal yesterday at First Christian Church.  Over 20 volunteers, including young children, got together at the church to put the church’s old pew cushions to good use.  According to Jane Crowder, the church recently purchased new cushions and had no use for the old ones.  Instead of throwing them away, Karen Whitehouse thought of the idea to remake them into beds for homeless dogs at rescues around the county.

The group worked hard yesterday, measuring, cutting, and sewing, more than forty beds.  The beds will be distributed to the Anderson Humane Society, Camp Jean, and the Traci Bryant rescue.  The group will continue to make more beds as the need arises through the month, especially if they receive requests from other rescues.

For requests for beds or to help volunteer in making them, please contact First Christian Church.

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