Local Family in Need to Help Disabled Child

Back in 2009, the Pack family moved to their western Anderson County home which is located on a scenic farm with horses.  But, soon after moving in 2010, tragedy would strike the family.  Caleb, the eight year old son of Rick and Robin Pack, took ill from a stomach virus.  The virus quickly turned deadly and in a short time, doctors were rushing, trying to save Caleb’s life as his heart went into cardiac arrest.  By a miracle, even after doctors gave up hope, Caleb’s heart restarted, saving his life.

However, during the time when Caleb’s heart was stopped, oxygen deprivation caused severe damage to his brain.  The doctors didn’t think he would survive, but he has for almost six years now.  He’s also improved, breathing on his own.

But, Caleb is still in a precarious situation.  Due to his disability and suppressed immune system, simple viruses can turn deadly for him, and he can only be transported to doctors and hospitals in an ambulance.  However, getting an ambulance to the Pack’s home is becoming a large problem.

The Pack’s home is on 30 acres near Mt Eden with two, very long driveways.  The main gravel driveway going to the home is currently impassable, with deep ruts formed by years of vehicles driving on it and rain water pouring down the hills.  The secondary gravel driveway is shared among a couple of houses, but it is barely passable.  And with the coming winter weather, ambulances won’t be able to travel down this drive.

Due to limited support and with only one of them able to work, Caleb’s parents are reaching out to the community to help fix the main driveway so ambulances can reach the home.  The LIGHT Center is currently accepting donations for the family.  They’re located at 700 West Broadway Suite #3 (phone number 502-859-0670).  Please mark all donations for the Caleb Pack Fund.  Donations could also be done online via the LIGHT Center’s donation page.  All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about Caleb’s story, check out this Facebook page or check out this video Caleb’s mother put together in 2012.

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  1. I’m not able to help financially and I’m truly very sorry to hear about your amazing son Caleb Pack… I will most definitely keep your family in my prayers…. But I will try to see what I can do to help in any way possible…..

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    • I will forward your message to the LIGHT Center and let you know when they will be ready to start getting the work going. Thanks you so very much for your offering to help.

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