Making Lawrenceburg Beautiful with Wood

Located right on Main Street is a woodworking shop making Lawrenceburg beautiful one project at a time.  Randy and Deanna Crabb of StoneCottage Woodworking opened their business back last June to build many different wood creations.  Randy, who has been working with wood since his time at Western School in Anderson County, is a master cabinet builder/woodworker and opened StoneCottage to get back into working with wood as a profession.  Deanna, his wife and partner at the shop, only started woodworking for a couple of years but has always been interested in it watching her father who was a woodworker when she was young.

Randy and Deanna build lots different things at their shop.  Besides producing cigar boxes for Kentucky Gentleman’s Cigars and barrel tops for various gift stores around town, the duo also build and install full custom cabinets.  They also fix and build various pieces of furniture including amazing outdoor gliding benches and chairs.  Their handy work is as diverse as the number of different woods they can use to build whatever a client is looking for.

For more information about StoneCottage Woodworking, check out their Facebook page.  Also, be sure to watch the above video documenting all the amazing work at the wood shop.

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