New Group Encouraging Runners of All Ages

Something new to help encourage exercise and running has come to Lawrenceburg.  Scott Buser along with Colleen Shryock have formed a running group called RUN KY here in town that meets twice a week.  Scott, who has been running since he was in 8th grade and has coached cross country running, said that the new group is all about helping and encouraging fellow runners in Anderson County.

The group, which is quickly growing, is comprised of runners of all ages and skill levels.  Scott said that to help make things a bit more even, the main group divides into skill levels where they run the amount of miles suitable for each sub group.  The main group meets every Saturday morning around 7:30am-8am and Tuesday night at around 7pm at the new parking lot next to Mix on Main Street and will restart after the first of the year.

For more information about RUN KY, check out their Facebook group page.

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