Remembering Our Service Men and Women This Christmas

Mike Carpenter in Center, Along with Mechanic Students

Mike Carpenter in Center, Along with Mechanic Students

As we wake up this morning celebrating Christmas, many men and women from around the country won’t be celebrating the holiday with friends and family as they serve our great nation in our military and supporting companies.  Anderson County is no exception as there are a number of service members from here that are overseas, risking their lives on Christmas day.

Mike Carpenter is one of these heroes.  Mike has lived in Anderson County now for over five years originally moving from Hopkinsville.  It’s also the home of his wife and son who is currently attending Anderson Middle School and is a soccer player.

Mike was in the US Navy for six years, serving on the USS Carl Vinson.  After leaving the Navy, he now works as a contractor and is currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.  As he works his first 90 day shift which will go through Christmas, New Years, and his birthday, he will be teaching Afghan Air Force mechanics how to maintain helicopters at a NATO base.  Mike said about the program, “So we are working hand and hand with these guys, helping them learn a skill and defend their country.”

But being away from his family during the holidays is tough but Mike is glad that his family is safe.  “It is hard being away for the holidays, but knowing that my wife and son are taken care of is the most important thing to me, and that’s why I’m doing this.  It is a big sacrifice for all three of us, but the end game will be well worth it,” Mike said.

So as we finish opening presents and eating Christmas meals, keep our service men and women in our hearts and minds and give thanks for all the sacrifices they have to endure.

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