13th Annual Christmas Meal Underway at Open Hands Pantry

Today marks the 13th annual Christmas Community Outreach Meal at the Open Hands Food Pantry.  The meal was created as a way to not only help feed those in need but also to help bring the community together.  Residents, no matter their financial situation, can join in on the meal and socialize, bringing joy to those who don’t have family or friends to celebrate Christmas with.

June Byrne, one of the original organizers of the meal, said they served over 600 people last year between delivering meals and those that ate at the pantry.  They’re hoping to have just as large a crowd this year.  Brandon Carter, the head cook for the meal, said he was incredibly grateful to Hill of Beans BBQ for providing a smoker that was able to cook 26 turkeys overnight.

Be sure to watch the video above showing all the preparation for the meal.  The meal is currently on going, from 11am to 2pm, and is open to anyone who wants to enjoy a good meal with community.  Open Hands Food Pantry is located on Industrial Road, near the YKK manufacturing plant.

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