Most Food Ever Donated for Mayor’s Food Drive Challenge

Over a past number of years, Lawrenceburg mayors have challenged a number of our local banks to hold a food drive in which the one that collects the most wins a trophy.  Called the Spirit of Giving Food Drive, the food that is donated all goes to help the Open Hands Food Pantry.  And this year, Mayor Goodlett challenged four banks, including Century Bank, both Lawrenceburg Farmer’s Bank branches, and the Commonwealth Credit Union.  In combination, the banks received 14,210 pounds of food, which was the highest amount ever collected for the challenge.

Before the food was completely collected and the totals added up, we interviewed three bank representatives asking how they think they did and if they thought they won.  They had high hopes, and we got to see just how much food some of them received in the video below.   But in the end, Commonwealth Credit Union was the overall winner and received the trophy this morning by Mayor Goodlett.  The Mayor and the representatives of each bank would like to thank everyone that participated in making this year the largest amount ever donated.

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