Local Organization Teaching Teens Proper Etiquette and Life Skills

Earlier this month, a group of upstanding young men and women met at Heaven’s to Betsy to learn traditional etiquette and life skills that are now rarely taught.  The Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion started back in 2013 as a way to teach teens social skills and southern manners.  Created by a group of local mothers including Alicia Dailey, Liz Isaac Holmes, Jenny Puckett Kays, Meredith Hyatt Lewis, and Tamara Barriger Smith, they formed the Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion based off of experiences from those who attended cotillions elsewhere and also from talking with directors of other cotillions.

During this past meeting, the Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion learned a number of useful skills including how to properly address and write Christmas cards along with a new type of dance.  But the program goes much further.  They focus on teaching other important life skills like table manners, dancing, public speaking, the art of conversation and eye contact, and much more.  In combination, the cotillion gives teens confidence and the ability to face unexpected or special events with confidence and grace.

For more information about the Lawrenceburg Junior Cotillion, check out their Facebook page or call 502-418-2863.  Registration for 2016 will be open shortly and is open to any student from 6th through 8th grades.

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