Former ACHS Student Receives Multiple Awards, Thanks Teachers

Jessica Brumley Reading "Dream of the Red Chamber" in Chinese

Jessica Brumley Reading “Dream of the Red Chamber” in Chinese

Growing up in a small town doesn’t always mean being limited for educational opportunities and amazing success. Jessica Brumley, a graduate from Anderson County High School and daughter of John and Juliah Brumley, has been on an incredible path of educational success inspired by not only her love of reading and her parents, but also by the great teachers that have guided her throughout her young life.

Jessica has always had a love for reading and literature, even if it would get her in trouble.  “I remember when they were teaching my little brother to read. He would pout and cry, and then I would go to my room and get in trouble for reading after my bedtime,” Jessica said.   She sees books as a fundamental way to change perspectives and people, and the books she has read over her childhood have built her up and molded her view of the world.

But books weren’t the only factor that influenced her.  During Jessica’s time at various Anderson County Schools, she had a number of teachers that would pave the way for her later educational excellence.  Jessica said, “My first, second, and third grade teacher, Mrs. Teresa, really inspired me to think big even when I was very small. She wanted me to expand my mind, and I found that I liked to do that through reading.”  Other teachers like her AP US History teacher, Corey Sayre, also had very large influences on her, pushing her to keep reading.

After graduating high school, Jessica originally entered Western Kentucky University as a biotechnology major.  But she just couldn’t stay away from her passion which was literature.  Switching majors, she took her passion to new levels.  Joining WKU’s Chinese Flagship Program which is an intensive program dedicated to teaching students Chinese, she began exploring a multitude of different international study programs.  She would eventually study abroad in a number of different countries.

Jessica and her mom, Juliah

Jessica and her mom, Juliah

During her years at WKU as an honors student, she would receive numerous awards, including the latest which is the Ogden Scholar award that is presented once a year to only one graduating senior at WKU.  She’s also received other awards like the WKU Presidential Scholarship, U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, Sigma Tau Delta Study Abroad Scholarship, and more.  Jessica said that she has worked so hard to receive these accolades because she has been inspired by her mother who is currently battling with cancer.

As she continues on in her educational career, Jessica still feels her connection with Anderson County and the teachers that have helped her along the way.  “I would say that I owe a lot to the Anderson County School System. I had fantastic teachers who pushed me to excel in the classroom, but who also cared about me as an individual. They were interested in growing my mind not for test scores, but to teach me how to be my own person and think independently,”  Jessica said.

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