Saffell House Funeral Home Opens New Chapel

On Thursday night, Saffell House Funeral Home held an open house to celebrate their new addition to the funeral home.  Nathan and Mackenzie Morris opened Saffell House back in August to much support from the community.  Before Nathan and Mackenzie bought the house, it was divided into multiple apartments, especially on the first floor which is where they planned to operate their funeral home.  Before their grand opening in August, they transformed part of the first floor, but they always planned to finish removing all of the apartments to provide plenty of space for their funeral home.  So over these past months, they worked hard tearing down walls and preparing a very large space to serve as a chapel.  And with last minute painting and wiring, Nathan and Mackenzie opened the new, beautiful chapel of their funeral home last week.  Be sure to watch the video above showing just how amazing the new chapel looks.

For more information about Saffell House Funeral Home, check out their Facebook page.

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