Local Distillery Celebrates Christmas with Chamber Members

Left to Right: Al Young, Brand Ambassor for Four Roses, Pam Brough, Director of Chamber of Commerce, and Kelli Wright from Visitor Center of Four RosesLeft to Right:  James Tipton, State Representative, and John Rennels from Exit RealtyDebbie and Jason Denny, Anderson County ClerkFrom Left to Right: Bernie Anderson, Monty Rhody, and City Clerk Robbie HumeBernie Anderson from Atmos EnergyPam Brough from the Chamber of Commerce and Brent Elliott, Master Distiller from Four RosesPam Brough from Chamber of Commerce and Bernie Anderson from Atmos EnergyDavid and Cheri MontgomeryTonya and Robert Peach from Vintage UniquesLeft to Right: Heather Boggs from Four Roses and Karen Tucker, President of Anderson Humane SocietyEdward Comfort from Corning Corporation

As the Christmas season comes into full swing, one of the community’s local distilleries celebrated the holidays with the local members of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce. This past week, Four Roses Distillery held their annual Christmas gathering called the Four Roses Bourbon Regional Holiday After Hours Event. Four Roses extended invitations to all the members of the chamber. With great food, awesome bourbon, and tours of the plant, the event was a huge success. Many people attended including Mayor Goodlett, State Representative James Tipton, City Clerk Robbie Hume, and County Clerk Jason Denny. Also in attendance was the president and CEO of Four Roses, Satoko Yoshida. During the event, Pam Brough, the Director of the Chamber of Commerce presented Four Roses and Atmos Energy with recognition plaques in honor of their Chairman’s Club Sponsorship.

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