Christian Academy Performed Spectacular Christmas Program

On Thursday night, students, parents, and teachers from around the county and beyond gathered together for an absolutely spectacular Christmas program at the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg.  The program, which consisted of students of all ages and even some of the teachers, drew a very large crowd, filling the auditorium with parents and the parking lot with cars.  Starting with the youngest of students, the crowd was pleased with cuteness from the preschool group.  Then switching to the young elementary grades, the students sang their best, ranging through a number of Christmas songs.  In between, the students performed small plays to the crowd’s delight.  The older students then took the stage, adding their voices to an already great performance.  And finally, the teachers had their own time on stage, bringing laughter to the entire audience, before a final song in which everyone joined in to sing.  Be sure to watch the video above showing clips of the performance.

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