Lawrenceburg Attracts Another Famous Comedian

As downtown gets busier, more famous entertainment is heading to Lawrenceburg.   Bourbon Street on Main, one of the newest restaurants to open on Main Street, booked Jimmie JJ Walker to perform two comedy shows this evening.  Jimmie, who is well known for his 1970’s TV show, Good Times, made his first appearance tonight at 7pm to a crowd waiting for some great laughs after an opening show by Sandra Stokley.  His show ranged from local content and how he ended up here in Lawrenceburg to how technology has changed over the years.  Cell phones were the hot topic and how we all rely on texting instead of actual human contact.  Jimmie was particularly great when the person running the sound equipment received a call to his cell phone right in the middle of the show.  The crowd was in stitches to Jimmie’s response and throughout the rest of his show.  He will be having a second show at 9:45 and tickets are still available along with merchandise that he is selling.  For more information about the next showing, check out our event calendar.

For a copy of Jimmie Walker’s book Dyn-o-mite, click here.

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