County and City Approve Joint Tourism Ordinance

Back in early August, the City of Lawrenceburg had its first reading of an ordinance that would allow the city to join the county in a joint tourism commission. After much discussion and multiple readings, the city voted yes to the ordinance on Monday night. Tonight, Anderson County Fiscal Court held a meeting to vote for this ordinance. The ordinance was approved with a vote of 5 to 1. A new commission will now be set up with seven members, three of which will be from the hotel/bed & breakfast community, one from the restaurant community, one recommended by the Chamber of Commerce, and two members each individually selected by the Mayor and Judge Executive. The new commission will be funded by the 3% transient room tax, which will only affect hotels and bed & breakfasts in the city.

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  1. Very pleased to see we now have what is way overdue, a Joint Tourism. However I due hope we can real funding. A 3% tax on rooms would be a drop in the bucket for what is truly needed to fund a real Tourism. We have gained a little but have not addressed the true need. We shall continue to ride the backs of others as opposed to creating what is needed. Tourism is a lot more valuable to our community than what is being recognized, possibly the county’s largest industry.

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