Library Director Leaves and Temp Location Plans Drawn Up

Pam Mullins with the AwardPam MarksProposed Temporary Location

Last night, the Anderson Public Library board met to discuss a number of topics.  Pam Mullins, the current director of the library, announced her leaving the library at the end of the month.  Pam, who has served with the library for a number of years, will be focusing on working from home due to a family situation.  However, she will still be around to help the library during the transition.  To commemorate her leaving, the board presented her with an award for her outstanding work at the library for the past six years as director.

Pam Marks, the current assistant director at the library, will be assuming the role as the sole director.  Pam, who has been with the library since 2002, has had a varied career originally working as a CT scanner technician before leaving that position to raise her children.  As her children got older, she decided to work for the school system before finding a desk clerk position at the library.  She then decided to go back to school and earned her master’s degree in library science before becoming the assistant director.

Pam Marks will be continuing the vision of leaving director Pam Mullins with the expansion of the library this coming year that was discussed in an earlier article.  She sees the library as the “third place” for residents, something outside the home or workplace where people can gather, read a book, and feel accepted no matter their social status.  With the coming expansion, she will see the library continue in this tradition with more room for services and programs that are rapidly growing past their space limitations.

The board then discussed on how to replace Pam Marks’ old position.  They moved to create a new position, called a public services manager, which will take up a number of duties that were relegated to the assistant director.  However, they will keep the assistant director position available so when the time comes that the library needs more help, they will be able to easily hire a new assistant director.

The board also discussed plans for the library’s temporary location during the upcoming expansion which is slated to start in the spring of next year.  Negotiations have started and plans have been drawn up to utilize the old Phoenix Academy building on Industrial Road.  If the negotiations are successful, the library will move into the building sometime in March or April after renovations at the temporary location are complete to service the needs of the library.  The library will remain in the temporary location until the library expansion is complete.  Pam Marks said that the expansion should take anywhere between 15-18 months to finish if all goes to plan.

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