City to Build Spray Park After Receiving Grant

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Last night at the City of Lawrenceburg council meeting, Mayor Goodlett announced that the city was approved to receive a grant for a spray park project in which the city has been planning to construct for multiple years.  According to City Clerk Robbie Hume, a spray park is a type of water park for kids and residents where water features can be activated with a push of a button, and sprays of water will rain down on those at the park.

The idea for the spray park started back in 2011 but was put on hold to build the current skatepark in the county park.  But starting in 2013, the city has been applying for grants from the state and the National Park Service to build the project.  Each year they weren’t successful until now when leaving Governor Steve Beshear approved the project.  The grant will provide $60,000 of matching funds for the project.

Robbie Hume said that the current plans for the park is to remove the old volleyball courts at the Legion Park.  He said that the volleyball courts there are underutilized and replacing them will create a better attraction.  The park will be free to all residents and will have features for all ages, including adults.  It will also be accessible for people with disabilities.

According to Robbie, the park will cost roughly $150,000 and will be quick to build.  Although they were expecting a $75,000 grant, he said that the city has set aside enough money to cover the difference during the times they’ve been waiting for the grant.  And once the paperwork and contracts are done for the grant which will take a few months to process, the park should hopefully be ready to open for Memorial Day.

In regards to the much hoped for pool project, Robbie said that this isn’t taking away from it.  He said that a pool project would cost millions to create and would take considerable time to find funding.  He stated that the city wants to be able to do something now for residents for all ages.  He also said that because the spray park is similar to a playground, they won’t need to have supervision or have high maintenance costs that are associated with a pool.  Those costs would require the city to charge residents to use the pool, while the spray park will be free to all.

The main cost for the spray park after building it will be from utilizing city water.  However, they are looking into recycling the water to keep the fields at the Legion Park watered instead of city water now.  Once open, it will provide a fun and safe water feature for all residents.

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