Unique Bible Reading Marathon to Happen on Courthouse Lawn

Something very unique is coming to Anderson County and to much of the state on January 1st.  Lisa Owens, president of Awakening Ministries of Kentucky, has been working with Kentucky Prayer Focus to bring a Bible reading marathon, called Kentucky 120 United, to every county across the state.  The marathon will start on January 1st, go through multiple days and nights, and end on January 4th.  Lisa said that there will be reading marathons in at least 90 counties across the state and hope to have one in every county before they start.

Our Anderson County Bible Reading Marathon will be held on the courthouse lawn at midnight on the first and end on the fourth at 6pm.  A tent, which was provided by Missy Cinnamon of Cinnamon’s Flowers, will be setup to provide shelter for the participants.  The marathon will be divided up into 30 three hour segments for participating churches and organizations from around the county.  Each church or organization will send around 12 volunteers, and each person will read a portion of the Bible for 15 minutes.  So far, 20 churches and organizations have signed up, according to Lisa.  Awakening Ministries will then fill in the rest if they come up short on the number of participants.

Lisa would like to thank everyone that has helped so far to put this together including Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton and the county magistrates for letting them use the courthouse lawn for the event.  For more questions or to see how to volunteer, contact Lisa at 502-370-7936.

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  1. Lisa, this is wonderful! I am so excited! For many years I have wanted to do this downtown for National Day of Prayer. My husband is minister at Ninevah Christian. We have been reading through the Bible at church for National Day of Prayer for a few years. I definitely want to participate and I will talk to him. I will try to call you tomorrow at number listed. Janet Cooper

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