School District Ranks 9th Place and Saves $1 Million in Energy Use

The Anderson County School system has been working hard saving energy to not only rank 9th best in the state but also to save over one million dollars in costs.  According to superintendent Sheila Mitchell, the school system has been working now for over a decade to conserve power.  Energy Manager Gary Stinnett, who is in charge of auditing the schools for power usage, has been designing and implementing strategies to conserve power.  Many of these strategies consist of simple measures like shutting off lights, computers, monitors, areas of a school that are not in use for long periods of time, etc.

Due to all the work done, many of the buildings of the school system including all three elementary schools and the high school have earned Energy Star status.  It has also earned them ninth place out of 173 for lowest energy used in a school district for the state, according to a recent report made by the Kentucky School Board Association and the School Energy Managers Project.  But, most of all, the district has been able to save well over a million dollars in energy costs which can now be used for other expenses.

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