Hair Stylist Continues to Help Win Awards


Located on Glensboro Road near the Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy is a hair stylist that has helped win awards for a number of young women.  Jack Clark has been in the hair stylist business for thirty years now and has built a reputation as being one of central Kentucky’s best hair dresser.  So much so that young women competing in our local pageants get their hair done at his shop and are consistently winning the pageants.

Jack said that he has styled the hair of a number of past Miss Lawrenceburg pageant winners, including the past two.  He remembers dressing the hair of Morgan Clark who was competing in one of the pageants.  He said that although she didn’t particularly like the style he used, he knew it was a crowning look.  Reassuring her, Morgan would go on and win the competition.

Outside of pageants, Jack is also renown for his work for proms and weddings.  He said a number of people come to him just to have him work on their hair for special occasions.  He also said that he is known by hair color suppliers as the “Color King of Central Kentucky” because of all the colorings he does and his ability to fix hair colorings that have gone wrong.

Jasmine Cox - 2015 Miss Lawrenceburg Winner

Jasmine Cox – 2015 Miss Lawrenceburg Winner

Although Jack has been in the business of styling hair for three decades, it’s still his favorite job.  He said, “Where else can you come to work, feel good about yourself, feel good about everything that you do, and make people happy all day long?”  Even outside the salon, he helps others by donating to many various organizations like Shop with a Cop, DARE, high school athletic teams, and more.

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  1. He is and always has been the best. Jack dos my babies hair 39 years ago and inspired her into the profession and had been s wonderful friend to me for 30 years. Love you and am so proud of you snd all you do.

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