James Sargent to Run for State Representative

James SargentSigning Official Paperwork (Photo by Dan Stumph)

We have received word that James Sargent, elected member of the Anderson County School Board for the Alton area precinct, has thrown his hat in the ring today to run for state representative against James Allen Tipton who is the current incumbent for Kentucky House District 53, which covers Anderson, Spencer, and parts of Bullitt County.  Sargent, who is running as a conservative democrat, said that his running was inevitable, although he didn’t think he was going to run for upcoming 2016 election until he was asked.  He currently stands on pushing more to improve public schools as he feels that good education is the best way to succeed in life.  He also feels that having a better educated populace makes an area more attractive for businesses to move or open up here locally.

Sargent, who has lived in Anderson County since 1987, attributes his desire to run for office and help his community to a time when he was in need and the community helped him.  A few months after moving to our county, his house and all of his possessions burned in a fire.  The community came together and helped him through that rough time giving him clothing and money to help rebuild.  He never forgot their helpfulness, and ever since then, he strives to give back.

Starting out as the panel chair for the United Way, one thing lead to another where he became involved with the Bluegrass Community and Technical College, helping them with legislative issues.  That gave him the taste of politics and so he decided to run for the Anderson County School Board.  After being elected to the board, the board then elected him to be their legislative contact person.  Serving in that position for 6 years, he has been in constant contact with legislators.  He also was instrumental in creating legislator visits to the schools which won him an award and also serves as regional chair for the central Kentucky School Board Association.  With his experience, he now feels that he is ready to serve as our representative to the state legislature.

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