Downtown Lawrenceburg and the Pampered Feet to Celebrate Local Authors

This Saturday after the Christmas Parade, Downtown Lawrenceburg KY and the Pampered Feet are sponsoring a special event.  Eight local authors will be at the Pampered Feet store on the corner of South Main and Jackson Streets signing and selling all their various books.  Heavens to Betsy! will also be providing refreshments for everyone who attends.

During this event, you’ll be able to discover and talk with all of our authors, learning not only about their books but what went into writing them.  So be sure to check out the book festival this Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm, and support our local authors.  Below is a quick list and description of each author represented at the fair:

William S. Bryant: President of the Anderson County Historical Society and writer of “Images of America: Lawrenceburg,” Bill has been preserving Lawrenceburg’s past for many years.  He published his history book on 20th century Lawrenceburg as a way to help showcase our past.

Karen M. Cox: Although not a Lawrenceburg native, Karen moved to our town 28 years ago.  During this time, she has written many romantic novels with historic elements, garnering awards from the independent publishing industry.

Ann H. Gabhart:  A bestselling author, Ann has written many novels about family life, love, and now mystery in small towns, like Lawrenceburg where she grew up.  She is also the winner of the 2015 Selah Book of the Year.

Dr Don Giles:  Don has been on a spiritual path for many years and have studied meditation from a number of masters.  He has just recently published a comprehensive book on different meditation techniques.

Elizabeth A. Harley & Linda N. Robinson: New children’s book authors of Patty Platypus Dreams Big, Elizabeth and Linda along with two illustrators have put together a great book to help children to always look to the future and dream big.

Sophia Lynn Rucker:  Author of two books, Sophia has written a phenomenal cookbook documenting all of her family’s great recipes as a way to preserve them for future generations.  She also wrote a great motivational book of all the ways that have kept her inspired through the years.

Don White: Former editor of the Anderson News, Don wrote his book, Paper Boy: Giving His Heart To Journalism, as a way to chronicle all of the fascinating and sometimes hard to believe experiences of his life and tenure as editor.  His book has become quite popular and is now in its third printing.

Lisa Ann Winfrey:  New author and Anderson County dance team coach, Lisa has put together a humorous book about all the true and sometimes quite bizarre stories of her family.  Titled ORLY, her book is a truly fun read.

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