Local Dentist To Help Grieving Family and Community

A local Lawrenceburg dentist is trying to help a grieving family after yet another tragic event yesterday and help bring a way for the community to heal after a number of tragic events that have happened this past week.  Dr David Sperow and April Hensler of Lawrenceburg Family Dentist decided this morning to find a way to help a family in need for this holiday season.  Not sure who to help, they turned to a state social worker for a suggestion.  The social worker suggested helping the three children who lost their parents yesterday to a sad murder/suicide that occurred in Alton.

David and April took the lead and ran with it this morning releasing a statement that they were looking for donations for these three children who are now living with a relative.  Although they don’t even know the names of children, both David and April are determined to help as much as they can.  After releasing their message of help, calls and donations started flooding in.  They already received a number of gift cards for the children and David feels that this is just a start.  A number of other dental offices from other cities have called asking how they can help including Premier Periodontics in Lexington which has now setup a drop box for donations at their office.

David said that he is amazed at the support he has seen so far.  With the community wracked by so many tragic events this past week including a deadly car accident and a high speed police chase that ended in an injury collision and shooting, he said that this would be a great way for the community to come together and start the healing process.

Lawrenceburg Family Dentistry, which is located at 311 South Main Street, will be accepting donations for the foreseeable future, without any deadline.  All donated items will be given directly to a social worker who will then present them to the children.  David said that the best donations would be gift cards as it allows the children to choose items that they need more easily.  Regular household items will also be helpful, especially to help the family now taking care of the children.  Clothing can also be donated in the following sizes:

17 year old girl: Medium shirt, size 9 pants, size 8 shoes
14 year old boy: large shirt, 30/32 pants, size 11 shoes
12 year old boy: Medium shirt, 30/32 pants, size 10 1/2 shoes

For more contact information for Lawrenceburg Family Dentistry, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. It would be nice to include little Floyd Meeks who was involved in the car accident Monday that took the life of his daddy. This little guy has gone through a lot this week. His family lived paycheck to paycheck as his father was the only one who worked. This little boy deserves a special visit from Santa this year.

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