Firefighter and Family Moves Into New Habitat for Humanity Home

Robert, Cassie, and Christian HendricksJoey CarbajalWade Heating and Cooling Also Contributed

This past Tuesday, a local firefighter and his family moved into a house which was built through a number of donations and volunteer time of people and companies from around the area.  Robert Hendricks, an Anderson County firefighter with station 2, and his family applied for a Habitat for Humanity home back in June 2014 at the recommendation of his pastor, Bob Ehr of the First Baptist Church.  Habitat for Humanity has been building a number of houses over the years in Lawrenceburg to help families in need to purchase a house at low cost.  They try to build one house a year in a couple of different locations in town.

For the Hendricks’ house, Habitat chose the location of the old water tower on Center Street.  Once the old tower was removed, construction started on the new home.  Contractors and volunteers from around the area pitched in, providing discounted labor or product cost or even completely free installations.

Joey Carbajal, from Carbajal’s Garden Center on Harrodsburg Road, was one of the contractors that donated not just labor but also plants for the landscaping.  Carbajal’s Garden Center started helping with Habitat for Humanity home projects last year after they were asked to see whether they wanted to help.  They were all for helping and have done landscaping work for two houses now, completely free of charge.

Throughout the process, professionals weren’t the only ones working on the Hendricks’ house.  Robert, his family, friends, fellow firefighters and more all contributed their time and effort to help.  Robert himself installed the roof and painted the house to not only fulfill the 500 hour requirement of future homeowners to help build the house but also to save a lot of money.

Although many of the items are donated or constructed by volunteers, Habitat homes still come at a cost.  The Hendricks’ did have to put down a small down payment and apply for a special, lower cost mortgage that would be affordable.  Once everything went through, the Hendricks’ were able to start moving in about a year and a half after applying for the home.  Robert said that the home was a welcomed blessing.

We wish Robert, his wife Cassie, and their three children much happiness in their new home as they settle in.

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