Amy Waddell and Leslie Hardin

Local Church Helping Residents to Lose Weight

December 31, 2015

Located on Hilltop Dr, a local church will be offering a unique program starting in January to help people lose weight and stay healthy and fit.  APEX Ministries at 115 Hilltop Dr will be hosting their very own “Biggest Loser” starting on January 5th which will be open to anyone who would like to participate.  […]

2015: A Change on Main

December 30, 2015

As 2015 comes to a close while reflecting back on the year’s events, Main Street has seen an absolutely amazing transformation.  Starting in the spring, we saw the first glimmers of change as the new restaurants worked on their renovations.  Soon after, new stores and businesses started moving downtown, buildings were painted, and a brand […]

First Christian Church Remakes Pew Cushions for Homeless Pets

December 30, 2015

Repurposing for charity was the goal yesterday at First Christian Church.  Over 20 volunteers, including young children, got together at the church to put the church’s old pew cushions to good use.  According to Jane Crowder, the church recently purchased new cushions and had no use for the old ones.  Instead of throwing them away, […]