Music Store Offering Vintage and Unique Items

Brad Gordon

Tucked away on East Court Street is a store serving all the musicians here in Lawrenceburg.  Court Street Music, owned by Brad Gordon, was opened nine years ago.  Brad, who is a certified arborist, used to work on trimming and cutting trees for a living right after he graduated high school.  After moving out to Seattle, he also got a job at one of the largest vintage music stores in the area.  While there he learned that good vintage instruments and equipment sells very well and was even able to help a number of well known artists like Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.

When moving back to Kentucky over a decade later, he thought about opening his own shop but wanted to wait until the time was right.  Still working as an arborist, Brad began to realize that he wouldn’t be able to climb trees all his life.  So when the opportunity opened, he acquired his location on Court Street.

Brad continues to focus on selling a number of vintage and unique instruments and equipment alongside new entry level items so even beginners don’t have to spend a lot.  Because he also trades equipment, a number of local musicians can try out new gear without having to find someone to buy their old instruments.  Brad said that well kept pre-owned equipment still works great and helps gives cheaper options to those who would otherwise not be able to purchase new items.

For more information about Court Street Music, check out their Facebook page.

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  1. Brad is a good guy. Sorry I haven’t been over there to seem him lately. He hooked me up with a nice little guitar for my kid, and hooked me up with a man who taught mandolin.
    Thanks Brad!
    I need to get back over there to say hi, at least.

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