Group of Local Residents Attended Papal Visit

From left, Sally Higgins, Annette Riddle, Joy Bozorgzad

At the end of September, a group of local residents got to attend a relatively rare event.  At the time, Pope Francis was touring America, and Sally Higgins, Lawrenceburg resident and volunteer at the Anderson Humane Society, along with a number of others including Annette Riddle and Joy Bozorgzad decided to take a trip to Philadelphia during the weekend of the papal visit.  They were able to see the Pope multiple times as he drove by and even attend an outdoor mass with over 750,000 others.  They said that attending the mass was absolutely remarkable when the large crowd, many of whom were playing music, all went completely silent and hundreds of deacons were able to serve the communion in seemingly record time.  Sally, who grew up outside of Philadelphia, also said that she never seen the city that friendly and happy where many local residents telling others to come back and visit.  Overall, they found the trip incredibly exciting and were very happy they went.

On location photos courtesy of Annette Riddle.

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