More Details Released for Police Chase and Shooting

Earlier this morning, a police chase ensued across parts of Anderson County ending with a head on collision on Ballard Road and subsequent shooting of the suspect when he pulled out a gun.  According to Kentucky State Police, the chase started around 8:42 this morning when a Lawrenceburg Police Officer tried to pull over a red pickup truck on US127.  The truck didn’t stop and turned onto US62 before ending up on Ballard Road hitting a green pickup truck head on 10 miles after the start of the chase.  According to LEX18, the man driving the green truck was 79 year old Jimmy Disponett who was flown to UK Hospital with serious injuries.  The suspect, after hitting Jimmy, tried to pull a handgun in which a Lawrenceburg Police Officer responded, firing one shot before the suspect could fire his weapon.  The name of the suspect has yet to be released.

Prayers for Jimmy and his family.

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