Local Walmart Brings Black Friday Sales and More

Julie CaseDeputy Loren WellsAssistant Manager Gary True

Living in a small town doesn’t always mean having to travel out of town to get great Black Friday sales.  Our local Walmart started their big Thursday night sales to large crowds.  With an almost completely full parking lot, Walmart was not only packed with sale items but also lined with shoppers. Despite the lines and crowds, however, everyone was calm and enjoying the sales. Sheriff’s Deputy Loren Wells and Walmart Assistant Manager Gary True said that the crowds were under control, and it was a relatively smooth start to the sale.  We also talked with a number of shoppers including Julie Case who is a four year veteran of Thanksgiving Day shopping.  She said there were great deals to be had, even on items she wasn’t expecting to be on sale.

Walmart, which has been apart of our community now for over three decades, started originally with a small store at the West Park Shopping Center before building and moving to their large super center location right at the corner of US127 and Glensboro Road.  Now with a large store, Walmart can provide the great deals and selection found usually only at other larger stores in bigger towns, keeping more shoppers in town.  They also help with the local community, supporting a number of charitable and school organizations through many donations, including grants and volunteering.

Now with Black Friday officially underway, many other local stores and restaurants are now open with great deals.  To see what some of our local stores are offering this weekend, check out our Shop Lawrenceburg for the Holidays page.

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