Preserving Lawrenceburg’s Past Through Pictures and Stories

Preserving Lawrenceburg’s past has been a goal of William Bryant for a number of years.  Growing up here in Anderson County, Bill experienced a number of historical events of the county first hand.  After retiring from being a professor at Thomas More College, he became president of the Anderson County Historical Society.   While serving as president, Arcadia Press, publishers of the well known photographic history books of small towns, approached Bill asking him if he would put together a book for them based on the history of Lawrenceburg to include in their series, “Images of America.”  After having some issues trying to find help to write the book, he decided to ask his wife, Barbara, to help.  Together, they sourced many fascinating images and stories from prominent figures in the community, including George Geoghegan, Sally Crawford, and many more.

Being a professor of biology and having worked in the ecology and botany fields, Bill decided to start the book off with the environmental setting and history of the county.  The Kentucky River, forming the eastern boundary of the county, hasn’t always been in that same location, and Bill provides maps and photos of the ancient riverbed which used to flow right next to Main Street.

The rest of the book focuses on more recent history, generally from the twentieth century.  Bill and Barbara focused on all the different industries that have been a big part of this town including bourbon and agriculture.  It also has numerous pictures on the various activities people did in town including recreation, religion, education and more.  It also contains pictures and stories of the prominent leaders from our county including a past US Presidential candidate, Champ Clark.

For more information and to buy “Images of America: Lawrenceburg,” check out Arcadia’s website.


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  1. I am speechless. This is a family I have known and loved my whole life. I am incredibly proud of Bill and Barbara for their hard work and dedication in preserving the history of this small town. You both mean the world to me and love you both dearly.

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