Improving Lives by Volunteering at Hometown Manor

Cassie Brueckbauer on right with new resident Agnes Whitehead on left.

Located on Hawkins Street right off of South Main Street is an organization dedicated to helping seniors who no longer can live on their own.  Hometown Manor Assisted Living in Lawrenceburg is different than a nursing home or most assisted living facilities.  It has a small and cozy feel with up to only 12 residents at a time that just need a bit of help with day to day affairs like cooking, laundry, grooming, etc.

Hometown Manor was originally started by Pam and David Denham by opening their first assisted living facility in Lexington.  After opening a couple of more in the surrounding communities, they decided in 2007 to buy what was the Beehive Assisted Living here in Lawrenceburg and convert it to Hometown Manor.

Cassie Brueckbauer, director at Hometown Manor, said that they bridge the gap for residents who can no longer live at home but don’t need a nursing home. The caregivers at Hometown Manor not only help with daily tasks but also try to keep a great community feel among the residents by celebrating birthdays and holidays together and encourage the residents to walk outside and enjoy the onsite garden during good weather.

But, with winter approaching, the residents don’t adventure out nearly as much.  Cassie said that they are in need of volunteers to interact with the residents, to lift their spirits and stay active.  Anything from just talking to helping them with crafts or playing games would help.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cassie at or 847-409-6322.

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