Discussions Continue for City Streetscaping

This past Monday, the public works committee of the city of the Lawrenceburg met to discuss more about how to further improve the look and feel of Main Street.  With all the new businesses coming back to Main Street over the past six months, issues with the trees blocking signage and sidewalk problems have come to light.

Mayor Goodlett started the meeting off enumerating the problems with the trees, sidewalks, and failing of some of the electrical plugs used during the Burgoo Festival.  The trees are currently near their mature size, roughly 15 to 20 feet tall and were planted at some time during the 1990s.  Members of the committee discussed a possibility of replacing them with either smaller or different trees that wouldn’t cause as much of an issue with blocking merchant signs.  However, Mayor Goodlett pointed out that smaller trees would then tend to block the store fronts instead of growing tall enough to create a clearing underneath.

The meeting continued on this topic discussing how other cities have developed their streetscape for Main Street.  Harrodsburg’s Main Street was brought up as it didn’t have any trees and was recently improved by installing beautiful brick crosswalks at the intersections.  However, it was pointed out that Harrodsburg’s Main Street was not a state highway, and so they had more flexibility when modifying the road itself with brick.

The committee also talked about funding for renovating Main Street.  Robbie Hume, City Clerk, discussed a number of grants the city has been applying for to help replace curbing and other improvements.  The committee adjourned with a recommendation to research costs of renovating the sidewalks and more on Main Street that could then be funded by grants or other means. The trees will also be trimmed again by Brad Gordon of Court Street Music who is also the local arborist.

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