ACHS Disc Golf Team Takes State Championship

This past Saturday was a big win for a relatively new Anderson County High School sports team.  The disc golf team was started back in 2008 at the high school by Ricky Spaulding as a way to spend more time with his boys.  Disc golf, which is played somewhat similarly to regular golf but with Frisbee like discs instead of golf balls and baskets instead of holes, has been getting more attention at the high school level as more courses are being built.  With high school teams spanning the state, there have been state competitions, and Anderson County has been dominating the competition for the past five years.

And this year has been no different with the team winning the finals at Winchester on Saturday.  Coach Spaulding said that even though he had five seniors graduate last year, he was able to rebuild the team this year and still win the championship.  He also said the team is always ready to play and develop their game.  We congratulate the team and Coach Spaulding on their win and hope for continued success to make Anderson County a legend in disc golf.

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Photos courtesy of Ricky Spaulding.

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