Anderson County ASAP Expands Youth Board

ASAP Youth Board

The Anderson County chapter of the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy held a special meeting this past Tuesday.  The ASAP board has expanded their youth representatives this year to include ten students from the Anderson County High School.  The goal of the new youth board is to help get more youth involvement and input and to allow better feedback for the ASAP board to further help reduce substance and drug abuse among students.  The following is a list of all ten students that have joined the new board and why they joined:

Brett Peach, who is a sophomore, joined because he holds very strong Christian values and was looking for a way to to help the community.  He is very excited to apart of the board.

Dalton Lewis, a junior, is following in his sister’s footsteps as she served on the board last year.  He noticed how much help his sister has done for the community as part of the board, and he has goals of seeing a big change on the community and school.

Katy Carmichael, a senior, thinks there’s many things that can be done to help with substance abuse.  Her brother also served on the board last year and was a big role model for her.

James Bingham, a freshman, has noticed that many don’t realize just how large the problem is with drug abuse and has seen first hand how damaging it can be for students and families.

Natalie Nichols, a freshman, wanted to join because she has heard much good about the board from her grandmother who served on the board in the past.  She has also seen others use drugs and wants to see it reduced.

Marlie Garmon, a freshman, is very excited to have the opportunity to join the board and to have an impact on the community.

Landon Peach, a freshman, joined because he has been told that many students come to school on drugs, and he wants to prevent that.

Brody Hopper, a freshman, has seen just how damaging drugs can be for those who don’t even take them.  He joined as he doesn’t want others to have to go through what he has gone through.

Andrew Peach, a sophomore, joined because he wants to try to stop his friends and everyone else from using substances and drugs.

Jael Cobb, a freshman, wanted to be on the board because there are a number of peers in her grade that are doing drugs, and she wants to help them.

We would like to thank all these students for joining the ASAP youth board and hope to see substance abuse be reduced in the schools.  To read more stories about our awesome community, click here.

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