Police Officer Tries to Save and Comfort Dying Pet

Officer BrashearsMaggie and PennyTaylor and PennyMissing Dog, BrunoOfficer Brashears had given us this poem to share.

Late on Wednesday night, tragedy struck a family here in Lawrenceburg when their three dogs escaped their yard and one was hit by a car.  Taylor Dyer, who lives in the Hunter Ridge development, was surprised when she went outside to let her three dogs in from her backyard. She discovered that the dogs managed to push the gate open and were nowhere to be found.  Frantically searching, she couldn’t find them in the darkness and rain.  By morning, one dog, named Penny, returned home, but two were still missing.  And then the phone call came in explaining what happened to one of them.

As Taylor was searching, one of her dogs, a pit bull mix named Maggie, was hit by a car.  The driver, who has dogs as well and was distraught after hitting a dog, called the Lawrenceburg Police. Officer Bryan Brashears responded, hopeful that the injuries weren’t critical, and arrived on scene before animal control.  He saw that she was still breathing but knew the injuries were extensive.  As her breathing slowed, he got down on his knees and tried his best to comfort her by petting and talking to her while waiting for animal control to arrive to transport her to the local vet. A few minutes later, she passed away after trying to look up at him.

“I am so grateful for this man. He was there for my sweet Maggie when I couldn’t be…I am also grateful for the man Maggie ran out in front of. He stayed and took action when so many others would keep driving. From the bottom of my heart, thank you both,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s other dog, a toy poodle named Bruno, was lost but on Saturday morning, November 14th, he was found safe and healthy.  “Thank you so very much for everyone’s help and prayers.”  said Taylor.

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  1. Thank you driver I know by your actions that you didn’t mean for it to happen. Thank you also officer even though you couldn’t save her I know she appreciated the comfort you provided her. We should all be so lucky to have comfort when death comes for us.

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