Lawrenceburg Native Writes Family Recipes as a Legacy

A Lawrenceburg native and member of a family of cooking enthusiasts has published a book detailing her family’s traditional recipes.  Sophia Lynn Rucker started cooking before she started first grade at the young age of five using an easy bake oven.  Her mother and grandmother had a rich tradition of recipes and cooking skills that Sophia wanted to learn.  Through the years she gained more and more knowledge learning the recipes by heart as neither her mother or grandmother ever wrote their recipes on paper.

As she got older and became an adult, cooking was still a passion for Sophia, but it had to be more of a hobby.  In between her professional career and schooling, she decided to open a baking and catering business.  Through the years, the business grew and her daughter started learning to cook and joined her in the kitchen just like she did as a child.

But it wasn’t until her five year old grand daughter started showing interest that Sophia started to seriously consider writing down all the precious recipes she learned.  And one snowy Sunday in 2013 when she couldn’t travel to church, she sat down and wrote all the recipes in a single day.  Calling the cookbook, “From Ophelia to Sophia: Cooking with Love,” she created a wonderful tribute and legacy of her grandmother and family history documenting all the tasty recipes.

Around the same time, Sophia also wrote “Humbled and Blessed: Serve, Suffer, and Sacrifice” which is a book of motivational and inspirational writings.  Coming from a small town has deterred others but not Sophia, and she has written all that has motivated her through her life as a Christian.

For more information or to purchase Sophia’s books, check out her website. To read more stories about our awesome community, click here.

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