Resident Changes Her Life With Help From Gym and Firefighter

A local resident has been able to change her life thanks to the helpful staff at Fitness Firm and a recently certified firefighter.  Lisa Lewis, who was a cheerleader in high school, lost both her parents in 2004, just nine days apart.  She took the loss hard and turned to food to help fill the void of her loss.  Soon enough she became 50 pounds overweight, pre-diabetic, and started suffering from sleep apnea.

After watching her father-in-law suffer with cancer last year and subsequently losing the fight on Christmas Eve, Lisa gathered her determination and decided it was time to make a change before falling ill herself.  A week later on January 1st, she entered Fitness Firm, a 24 hour gym located behind Lawrenceburg Physical Therapy, wanting to change herself but so unsure how to do so.

Derek Craft, general manager at Fitness Firm, was very helpful, giving Lisa much needed encouragement and instructions.  And the community of exercisers at Fitness Firm helped her as well, especially TC Fannin who is a recently certified firefighter at the Lawrenceburg Fire Department.  When Lisa first started going to the gym, she stared at the wall of weights and machines, not sure what to do or whether a woman should be even lifting weights.  TC saw the overwhelming look on Lisa’s face and decided to help her, showing her where to start and how to use the weights. To read more stories about our awesome community, click here.

Together with the help of everyone at Fitness Firm and a good diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean meats, Lisa has been able to lose 47 pounds and from size 18 to size 6 in dress sizes since January.  Her final goal is to lose nine more pounds in the coming months as she gets healthier and stronger everyday.  She now enjoys doing activities with her family like hiking, that before were too difficult.  To read more stories about our awesome community, click here.

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