Veterans Day Tribute: E Glenn Birdwhistell

In honor of Veterans Day, we interviewed a local veteran and prominent figure in Lawrenceburg.  E Glenn Birdwhistell of Birdwhistell Realty and Auction joined the Kentucky National Guard in 1951 as a private.  He was then called for active duty two years later in 1953.  He served for two years before coming back in 1955.  However, he wouldn’t leave the guard for another four decades, serving a total of 41 years and 16 days.

During his time with the guard, Mr Birdwhistell saw much of the world including parts of Germany, Guam, and even the Pentagon.  He served on the staff of 12 different generals and even met President Nixon.  Before leaving the guard, he earned the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4 in charge of personnel.  He now runs Birdwhistell Realty and Auction along with family.

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  1. I have known Glenn for most of my life. He has such high character, and a personable, yet professional attitude toward all. What a great choice for this honor!

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