Local Salon Bringing Spa Treatment to Lawrenceburg

Allyson Bailey, Alexa Casson, Rhonda Clevinger, Mallory Simpson

A beauty salon here in Lawrenceburg is looking to bring spa treatment to local residents.  Rhonda Michelle Clevinger, owner of Revive Salon and Spa on Broadway next to the Family Eye Care Center, always wanted to go into the beauty salon and hair cutting business.  After working as an office assistant for a short time as a suggestion from her father and not liking working in a small office, it solidified her choice to become a hair stylist.

When Rhonda graduated hair school, she worked at a number of other salons for four years before she received a great opportunity.  Before her salon, there was another one at her current location.  The owner of that salon ended up offering her the business, and she decided to buy it.  After recreating the old salon, she opened Revive in May of 2014.

Now being open for over a year and half, Rhonda is continuing to bring more spa treatments to her business.  Besides offering a full service salon including services like coloring, highlighting, hair cuts for the whole family, perms, and waxing, she will soon be offering air brush tanning as well as manicures/pedicures.  Her sister is also getting into the business studying to be a massage therapist.  When she’s done, she’ll be working besides Rhonda at Revive offering massage therapy.

Rhonda also tries to help local non-profit charities.  She’s currently offering a discount for anyone who brings in items to donate for the humane society, including food, leashes, toys, etc.

For more information about Revive Salon and Spa, check out their Facebook page or website.

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