City Council Honors Fallen Police Officer

Last night was the monthly Lawrenceburg City Council meeting.  At the start of the meeting, Mayor Goodlett held a moment of silence for Richmond police officer, Daniel Ellis, who was just recently shot and killed while searching for a robbery suspect.  Councilman Durr also led a prayer to help the families of those who lost a loved one in the line of duty.

The meeting then moved on to department reports with Police Chief Chris Atkins reporting that they now have officially hired two new officers and will be introducing them at the next council meeting.  He also said that he has noticed the numerous blue lights around town that are meant to honor local police.  He said that the community has really shown such great support for the local officers and that it is a blessing.  Fire Chief Bobby Hume also added that the fire department tries to support the police as much as possible and Police Chief Atkins mentioned the amazing cooperation between all the first responders and how it helps the community.

The council was then presented with the second reading of the proposed zone change of a number of lots on Lynn Drive.  The ordinance was approved.  The council was also scheduled to vote on a second reading for the combined joint tourism commission; however, Mayor Goodlett postponed that until the December meeting.

City Clerk Robbie Hume, who also serves as the city’s alcoholic beverage control administrator, talked about a number of possible new changes for the city’s alcohol ordinances and licenses.  Wild Turkey Trace Golf Course called the city inquiring about a change for its liquor license.  It currently operates under a restaurant license which includes a minimum amount of food sales and seating requirements.  It is looking to change the license to a “limited golf course” license which doesn’t require the food sales minimum.  The city would have to approve the request if they would like to sell liquor on Sundays.

Robbie Hume has also received inquiries from prospective business owners who want to open small restaurants but still serve mixed drinks.  This would fall under a different type of license due to not having enough seating of the larger restaurant license.  The city also would have to create an ordinance to extend this type of license to allow liquor sales on Sundays.  The council seemed receptive of the changes and City Attorney Robert Myles was instructed to draft an ordinance.

At the end of the meeting, Councilman Rucker was asked about the trees on Main Street from the local businesses and whether something could be done to improve visibility of signage for the businesses.  Mayor Goodlett proposed to ask the public works committee to turn it into a discussion about the whole street including addressing issues with the sidewalks, electrical cords, and ground water problems.  The meeting was then adjourned.

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