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Dr Brian SchulzLynette Drury

Located next to the Rite Aid off US127 is a chiropractor who gives back to the community.  Dr Brian Schulz of Lawrenceburg Family Chiropractic never planned to be a chiropractor.  He always wanted to be physician, maybe even a surgeon, when he was growing up.  Graduating high school, he entered a pre-med program in college and thought he was set.

After finishing his undergrad work, a friend of his invited him to a chiropractic school.  He decided to check it out and while there his friend gave him a booklet about chiropractic.  Once he finished reading the booklet, he decided that being a chiropractor was what he wanted to do.

At the same time, he was also working at a machine shop where his father was a master tool and die maker.  He wanted to be an apprentice of his father but management wouldn’t let him.  But a few days after he decided to become a chiropractor, they offered him the position.  In the end, he became a chiropractor and is now not only helping heal patients but is also helping the community.

Lawrenceburg Family Chiropractic, which is a part of Bluegrass Chiro, has been in Lawrenceburg for a little over two years now.  Brian and Bluegrass Chiro have sponsored numerous fundraisers for a number of local charities in town including the humane society and food pantry.  They focus on two or three community promotions a year and are currently focused on helping the Shop with a Cop program that is sponsored by the Anderson County Sheriffs Office.

For more information about Lawrenceburg Family Chiropractic, check out their Facebook page.

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